MACS Products
Product List & Technology

1. Rectangular Duct work (G.I., Mild Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminum). Galvanized Coil or Sheet, Aluminum Coil or Sheet (Plain, Stucco).

2. Round Duct work (G.I., Mild Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminum).

3. Non Return Dampers (Black Drat Dampers)* with aluminum blade.

4. Sound Attenuators.

5. Splitter Damper, Damper Quadrant.

6. Duct Access Doors.

7. Plenum Boxes.

8. Flexible Duct Connector, Aluminum Insulated, UN Insulated, Rigid Flexible Duct.

9. Slip on Duct Flanges and Accessories.

10. All Types of Supports.

11. All Types of Steel Fabrications.

12. Aluminum Filters and Frames For (F.C.U.).

13. Aluminum Pipes & Duct Cladding (Rectangular & Round).

14. Alicobond Work (Decorative Aluminum Cladding for Buildings).

15. Fiber Glass Insulation, Sound Liner, Rubber Insulation, Polyolefin Foam Insulation, Stick Up Pin, Aluminum Tape.

16. Volume Control Dampers (Rectangular & Round) with Parallel and Opposite Blades.

17. Sleeves for Fire Dampers and Duct.

18. Motorized Dampers.