MACS Services

Meeting and understanding the customer’s requirements to achieve add value is one of MACS major goals. Through its sophisticated workshop, MACS intends to distribute and supply to A/C suppliers, contractors & private clients the highest quality of HVAC duct work either G.I. or Pre-insulated at the most competitive rates.

MACS locally engineer and supply, prefabricated multi MEP services, suspension system, expansion system and anti-vibration solutions delivered either palletized or containerized.

The company has made effective arrangements of communication with customers in regard to:

  • Production Information.
  • Inquiries, Contracts or order handling including amendments and customer feedback including customer’s complaints.

Based on the orders, prompt delivery can be considered to the customer’s destination. Finally MACS caters high quality fabricated HVAC Ducts and Sheet Metal to both large and small projects.

Duct Work Indentified

IMG_0121Most air-conditioning works and heating systems require some form of duct work to channel or direct the air to places in the dwelling where the conditioned or heated air is needed.

Duct work is available in various types, and has many advantages such as reducing utility bills due to proper channeling and sizing, but only when it is installed correctly by qualified installation technicians.

A poor installation job will result in poor performance, bad air flow, leaky duct work systems, and higher than usual utility bills.

Over sizing systems cost more and does not maintain the desired air flow and undersized duct work causes the system to strain mechanically and can be noisy.

It is important that only qualified people should design and install the system from start to finish in order to achieving preset design and quality criteria.

Please find here a list of some of the available duct works:

  • Custom or Rectangular duct & fittings.
  • Fabricated duct of any size manufactured from galvanized sheet, aluminum, black steel, or stainless steel.
  • Duct connections of transverse duct flange (TDF), Duct mate or S&D available (high pressure flanges for high pressure duct).
  • All sheet metal fabrications to SMACNA & DW standards.
  • Our ENGEL precision coil lines produce duct of different sizes.
  • Raw material confirms to standards such as ASTM / JISBS, lock forming quality and zinc coating.

List of Available Machines in Workshop

Iowa Precision Duct-O-Matic Line

Lock Former Plasma Cutting Table

Lock Former Pittsburgh Super Speed

Lock Former Auto Guide Flanger

Lock Former Pneumatic Check Bender

Lock Former Cleat Former C,S

Lock Former Standing S Cleat Former

Bending Machine PBB1270 / 2A-373162

Metal Cutting Machine MOD 33 with Pedestal, Minor MBR Export 3 / 230 / 400 / 50V

Welding Machine

Mechanical Rolling Machine

Electrical Shearing Machine

Electrical Shearing Machine

Manual Folding Machine

Manual Folding Machine

Stand Drill Machine 32mm

Air Compressor 500L

Spot Welding Machines 16KVA

Power Press with adjustable stroke

Power Press with adjustable stroke

Power Press with adjustable stroke

Five Grooving Bending

Hydro Press Brake